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NATES - new age technical and engineering services, in 2010 was evolved on the bed post lunch resting on sideways by the two mechanical engineer partners Mr Pradeep Kumar (65 yrs) and Mr Himanshu Shekhar (49 yrs). Between then they have over 75 years of collective work experience and together they have been since 1999. All these days till the advent of NATES pursuits involving trading of goods / commodities was being done by either sourcing or having job work done as per given client end specifications.

The bottleneck of queuing / waiting at other manufacturers premises as also lack of flexibility on pricing as also delivery schedule , prompted the partners to start this venture and name it NATES having its website at , factory in Jhilmil Induatrial Area, New Delhi and office in Dwarka, New Delhi. Since 2010 the comp[any has own manufacturing facility with automatic vacuum forming machine, manual vacuum forming , rotary cutting machine, chiller, various applicable tools and dies in place. The catalogue is downloadable by clicking here

best plastic products packaging
NATES Plastic Products

HIPS / PVC / ABS / PP / PET Blisters for Plastic Packaging and Disposable Items suited for following Industries

  1. Electronics & Communication Industry : clamshell, retail and bulk packing boxes
  2. Agriculture / Horticulture : seedling / pro tray
  3. Pharmaceutical Industry : ampoule tray , combo pack, tablet / capsule strips
  4. Gifts; Games / Toys & Novelties Manufacturers : gift packs, holders / trays / boxes
  5. Food & Beverages Industry : plates, bowls, cutlery, cake box / biscuit trays
  6. Chains of Restaurants & Fast Food Joints : sandwich box, ice cream cup, chutney cup
  7. FMCG Industry : customized profiles and shapes
  8. Airlines, Airports and Railways : service boxes & trays, plates, cutlery, disposable glass


Few of Prominent Clients frequently sourcing their requirement from NATES :

  1. Aquamall Water Solutions / Aquaguard
  2. AG Futuretech
  3. Om Nanotech
  4. Naturence Herbals
  5. Shivika
  6. Nutri Glow
  7. Thinktronics
  8. Tin Crafts
  9. Gaurav Enterprises
  10. Multidot Packaging
  11. Mihin Lanka Airlines
  12. Royal Nepal Airlines
  13. IST Limited
  14. Sun Enterprises
  15. Foodie
  16. Ambassador Sky Chef
  17. Taj Sats
  18. Centaur Hotel
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